venerdì 9 marzo 2012

Aramil - Base Colored

There it is my favorite evil elf druid. I worked on the base colors and put on a first layer of shadow.
I assure you I'm working on it but for tonight I'm a little tired.
Druids in RPG like Dungeons and Dragons can vest only armor made with nature staff, so I put on him a heavy skin armor with some decoration. On the main hand he is holding a magic rapier with a wooden-made hilt and in secondary hand a heavy wooden shield.

Hope you enjoy it!

4 commenti:

  1. creeeeeepy.
    just a minor point: i think the left arm and shoulder is too high, it make him seem walking strangely and ruin a little the "darth vader druid elf" effect.

    ...yes i said darth vader druid elf. Yes, it's a compliment. Yes, i know it still is going to revolt on my poor character.

  2. Thanks, Jack, but as i sad in post before Aramil has a hump: he is hunchback, so it's normal that his walk seems strange ;)

  3. O_o but... but... did you say it during last session? i totally missed it, i was figuring him like a proud and straight-back guy... so much for Darth Vader, welcome Igor (hump? which hump?)

  4. Uh, Sorry Jack!, but Aramil is more like the Emperor, a creepy creature corrupted by the Dark Side or by the One Ring (It Could Work!)