sabato 17 marzo 2012

Sherazd - Light and Shadow

I'm almost done with her. I put lights and shadows, and some effect to give more strength to its roundness.
I'm still working on her.

Hope you enjoy it!

venerdì 16 marzo 2012

Redeemer - Pencil and Ink

This is one of my favorites, except the female concept design.
Nobody knows the story of this character, but now he is a black guard. Violent, evil and tough!
I made a prop for his sword, I start from a ancient roman sword and modified it to be more "fantasy". The armor was completely inspired from Gatsu's armor (manga - Berserk, K. Miura). I like it!

I think I need to work more on the prop design.

Hope you enjoy these last concept designs

Ctlunvanath - Pencil and Ink

Sex-bomb coming!
This was simple to "dress", but will be difficult to color: she is a drow, an elf drow, so her skin will on dark tonalty and the work on the lights effect will be tough! The dress, well you see it. She is a wizard, the huge book in her hand contains all the recipes and all the spells!

Artan - Pencil and Ink

Sorry for keep you waiting, I was working. I made some new character, this is the first: a young human monk, that keeps a secret.
The draw was very dirty, but the texture effect of the pencil on the skin likes me a lot and give an idea for the color stage.

Not much is know about this boy, only that he is bounded to a Prophecy.

lunedì 12 marzo 2012

Sherazd - Base Colored

After clean up I put on some color, it's not done yet I want to change tone to the boots and some other object. But for the moment it's all, maybe.

She looks like a real devil, WOW!
I'll work on the hilt of the rapier to make it looks like a scorpion tail.
That's not all folks, stay tuned!

Sherazd - Pencil and Ink

New entry in the hall of character!
She is Sherazd, a bard tiefling. She is pure neutral but stands at side of the evil guys at this moment. She likes to perform her entertainment with a magical citar and in fight likes to slash and pierce her foes with her rapier.

I thought that she has to be sexy and aggressive, a real femme-fatale, so I dressed her with a tight black-leather suit, like a real metal-slut.

She likes me very much!

Enjoy it!

Aramil - Color plus Effect

The work on Aramil character ended this morning, this is the outcome.
I put on a glow on the armor to emphasize its power and I worked on the rapier too.

I hope you enjoy it!

venerdì 9 marzo 2012

Aramil - Base Colored

There it is my favorite evil elf druid. I worked on the base colors and put on a first layer of shadow.
I assure you I'm working on it but for tonight I'm a little tired.
Druids in RPG like Dungeons and Dragons can vest only armor made with nature staff, so I put on him a heavy skin armor with some decoration. On the main hand he is holding a magic rapier with a wooden-made hilt and in secondary hand a heavy wooden shield.

Hope you enjoy it!

Krumgnak e Glimbglich - Some Effect

Krumgnak and Glimbglich with some effects.
I'll start the prop design of the weapons as soon as possible.

Enjoy it!

mercoledì 7 marzo 2012


Here it is another concept for a NPC, penciled and inked.
In this case I draw a druid wooden elf, i'm on the coloring step at this moment.

Aramil is a corrupted character but a powerful druid.  The sword design is not the best, but i'm working on it and i would like to draw a beatiful rapier that remind branches and leaves.
The evilness has corrupt his mind and his body, it's evident by the look on his eyes and for the hump on his left shoulder.

The armor will be colored on green tones and the fur coat on dark brown. I'm studying for the horns and the headgear.

Well, that's not all folks!

Krumgnak e Glimbglich - cleaned

There's something left to do yet but the work is good enough to be published.
I'll correct the light on the right pauldron and add some shadow effect to separate the goblin from the ork.

I added a texture on the skin to give particulars, think that works properly.
Hope you enjoy my work!

sabato 3 marzo 2012

Krumgnak e Glimbglich - colored and enlightened

Still working on it.
I made a first layer of Base Colors, added a layer for shade and intensive light.

The strokes are rough but give the idea.
I will draw a couple of weapon to put in their hands, as they are now does not make sense.

See you.

venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Krumgnak e Glimbglich

Pencil and Ink.
First concept made for a Dungeons and Dragons NPC (non player character).

Krumgnak and Glimbglich are very tough foes, they fight in pairs, one slashing and smashing and the other healing and enhancing. Krumgnak is a barbarian orc and Glimbglich a cleric goblin.

Still working on it.